Vereeniging Aerobatic Box

Please follow the procedure as given to ensure the continued use of the Airspace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is imperative that we have a safe area to fly our aerobatics.  
2.1 Lateral Limits:  Adjacent to RWY03/21 at FAVV (Eastern side). The area bounded by a box, 1Km, NW Corner S26º34’00” E027º57’00” and NE Corner S26º34’00” E027º58’00 and SE Corner S26º35’00” E027º58’ 00’’ and  SW Corner S26º35’00” E027º57’00”.  
2.1 Aero Club SA may operate on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and on South African Public holidays.
2.2 The vertical limits of the area, as per point no. 2 above, is as follow:     
7600ft AMSL to 8 500ft AMSL.    
2.3 Usage of the airspace as described in 2.1 and 3.2 are at the discretion of the JHB Radar controller.  
3.1 A representative of the Aero Club SA will request activation of the airspace 30 min prior to the operation, a name and contact number must be given on each opening. FAJS Number: 011 928 6448/9. Final approval to enter the airspace will be given on the appropriate Radar frequency.
3.2 Aircraft are to get airborne and call on frequency 124.5 MHz for traffic information.
3.3 After having made contact with Radar and having clearance to enter the portion of the FAJS TMA the aircraft may climb up to 8 500ft. When completed contact is to be made with Radar advising of completion.
3.4 Aircraft is to advise Radar when Completed.
3.5 Should the aircraft not be able to contact Radar they may not climb above     7 600ft AMSL.
3.6 ATC has the right at any time to close or change the vertical dimensions of the “Aerobatic Box”.
3.7 Pilots are to remain within the confines of the designated operating area at all times.(See par 2 and 3 above)
3.8 The Aerobatic Box must be closed at the end of the operation by means of radio or failing that telephone. Please note that if no readback is given by ATC the Aerobatic Box must be closed telephonically.
4.1 It must be remembered that Johannesburg Air Traffic Control does not restrict aircraft to certain levels without good reason. It does not help contacting ATC to discuss the restrictions given from time to time.
 4.2 The operation will also be subject to the availability of equipment and facilities at the Johannesburg Air Traffic Control Centre such as the radar systems.