It is with great sadness that we end off the year with the passing of one of our long standing members, Glen Warden. As the saying goes, Glen was an officer and a gentleman, in the true sense of the word! Every person I know agrees with me and hence the feeling of utter devastation at the untimely loss to the aviation fraternity and particularly, to the Sport Aerobatic Club of South Africa. We will miss you Glen. We will miss your attitude to life. We will miss your willing advice based on your years of experience, which was worth its weight in gold! We will miss your friendly, welcome, hospitable, humble and courteous demeanor! I could go on infinitely, but suffice it to say, Glen’s passing leaves a vacuum that will take a long time to fill.
Rest in Peace my Friend!
Obviously the Ace Of Base was canned after the incident as we were all in shock and not fit to fly . The accident was totally unexpected and there are some lessons to be learnt and the committee will discuss and implement whatever is deemed necessary in an attempt to ensure that this never happens again.

The above notwithstanding, the club is in a healthy condition even though we have been through another year of uncertainty where forward planning proved to be a hit and miss affair because of covid restrictions. As opposed to 2020, where we only managed 4 comps for the year, this year we managed 5 comps, so hopefully in 2022 we can get back to our normal 7 comps for the year. In spite of all the distractions in 2021, we still managed to have well attended comps, so thankyou to all the guys that made an effort to participate.
Covid also managed to limit our planned training camps and as a result we only managed one camp upcountry at Heidelberg but the guys down in the Cape managed to organize three. Well done to all the guys that participated and hopefully we can put together more in 2022.
On the judge’s side, we had our very esteemed and current world chief judge, Sir John Gaillard, retiring from the position of South African chief judge, a position he has held since 1652. Once again thank you John for your dedicated efforts to promote and support the sport of aerobatics not only locally, but internationally as well. Congratulations too, on being selected the vice president of CIVA!
To fill John’s shoes, we have the very capable and eminently qualified, Quintin Hawthorne! Congratulations Q and may you enjoy many years judging some of the world’s best, and just to keep you humble, worst pilots!
To all our judges, you guys are the best, most patient, long suffering people I know and although it does not always show, we love you to bits.
The following provinces will be hosting comps: Gauteng, WC, KZN, FS, Limpopo, NW and of course the Nationals in the EC. Dates for comps can be found on the website.
Speaking of planning, the 2022 Nationals is definitely happening at Wings Park, which if our president allows us, will be taking place from the 15th to the 18th of June. Knowing the organizational abilities and hospitality of Mitch and his motley crew, this promises to be a razz, so make sure you book the dates!
The Advanced World Champs take place in 2023 from the 11th to the 23rd of October and hopefully we will be able to field a full team. In the new year we will start the selection process so start practicing!
May everyone have a blessed Christmas and here’s looking forward to an exciting and successful 2022. Fly safe.
Cliff Lotter