Elton Bondi recently sent this encouraging email to the SAC committee;

'Hi everyone on the SAC Committee,
I feel compelled to share with you my experiences with various SAC members over December.
As many of you probably know, I like to fly to the Cape in December in the Cessna 140.  It’s a bit of a mission in a slow ship, but I love it.
This time I planned to overnight in Cape St Francis.  So I called Patrick to find out about fuel there.  He said don’t hassle about it and to simply pop in to Seaview promising that he would gas me up and I could then hop across the bay to Cape St Francis
As it happened I could not leave Rand sufficiently early due to weather, so the plan changed and I was now to overnight in Bloemfontein.  So I called Conrad who said his hangar was full, and that I should try Wally.  Conrad insisted that if Wally could not help he would make a plan.   I know that he would have, because Conrad contacted me later in the day specifically to check that I was sorted.
When I arrived at Tempe, Wally was waiting and after putting the 140 to bed,  we had a few beers and he gave me a key to his hangar and car to use overnight so that I could make an early departure.
Upon reaching Morningstar, Mark and Edge arranged hangarage (with no charge) as they always do, and opened their hangar facilities to me, (with their awful coffee and warm beers)
On the way back I decided to fly via Kimberly, and whilst there I called Cliff on the off chance he was around - because and I wanted to break up my long 3.5hrs legs, so a stop in Klerksdorp would be ideal. Cliff greeted me with a complimentary cooler pack containing water and chocolate and he also topped up my fuel.
The reason that I am compelled to tell you the SAC committee about all this, is because I have no doubt that everything that Paddy, Conrad, Wally, Mark. Edge and Cliff did and promised, they would have done for any SAC member. Ours is a truly a magnificent and rare group of people.
The committee is mainly responsible for ensuring that we arrange safe and fair competitions, as well as the growth of our sport, but I hope you will agree that we also have a responsibility to preserve the extraordinary camaraderie that we are all privileged to share.  Because the SAC is more than just aerobatics, airplanes, contests, rules and trophies.
Wishing you all a brilliant 2020'.