New 2016 Sequence: Programme 1 'Known Free'

As from 2016 all CIVA championships will adopt a new programme 1 format called the "Known Free" which will
replace the existing Known and Free programmes. For a detailed explanation of the new format click on the link below.

This must be read together with the new versatility requirements as listed in the 2016 edition of the Section 6 - Part 1 regulations.

SAC however has decided to remain with separate Known and Free programmes for the Sportsman, Classic and RV categories.

Durbanite Michel Leusch, flying a Zlin 50 was victorius at the first World Intermediate Aerobatic Championship held in Mossel Bay during November 2014. He finished ahead of Dieter Ebeling (Australia) with Neville Ferreira in third place.

Michel champ

With effect from the 2014 season, the SAC will be following the CIVA regulations for the Intermediate and Yak 52 categories, and the SAC regulations must be read to refer to these. The effect of this change is summarised here;

1. The Known sequence for Intermediate and Yak 52 are identical,

2. The Free sequence must have a total of 180k and the versatility requirements are listed in paragraph 4.3.3 of the CIVA Regulations (Section 6 FAI Sporting Code).

3. The Unknown sequence requirements are as per paragraph 4.3.4 of the CIVA Regulations.

The SA team of six pilots recently competed at the World Advanced Aerobatic Championships held in Dubnica, Slovakia from 6 - 16 August 2014. Team Manager Annie Boon was joined by pilots Barrie Eeles, Johnie Smith, Patrick Davidson, Elton Bondi, Charles Urban and Steve Brown

Patrick Davidson finished in third place overall. Full results are available at

SA was also represented on the judging line with John Gaillard as Chief Judge of the event. Laszlo Liszkay was assisted by Quintin Hawthorne.


Paddy AWAC

Two South African teams participated in the Intermediate and Yak 52 World Aerobatic Championships held in Mossel Bay from 26 November to 3 December 2014.

Michel Leusch was the overall winner of the Intermediate title, with Neville Ferreira in third place in the individual placings. The team took gold in the overall team placings.

Charles Urban and Bertus Du Preez competed in the Yak 52 category and they took the bronze medal in the overall team placings.

Team Manager was Stan Oliver. Full results available at


Team SA win