YAKWAC and WIAC 2014

2014 Yak 52 and Intermediate World Aerobatic Championships

Mossel Bay, South Africa from 26th November to 3rd December 2014


 Team SA2

The SA team with their harvest of trophies and medals.

 South Africa is represented by:

Cliff Lotter, Pierre Du Plooy, Michel Leusch, Rob Du Plooy, Neville Ferreira, Jacques Du Plooy, Charles Urban, Glen Warden, Stan Oliver (Manager), Leigh Le Gonidec, Bertus Du Preez.

Final placings include;

 Michel Leusch - World Intermediate Champion

Neville Ferreira - third overall Intermediate

5 SA pilots finish in top 10 in Intermediate

Team SA - first overall in team placings Intermediate

Team SA - third overall in team placings Yak 52


Int SA


 Read Stan's regular reports reports here;

Day 1. 27 November 2014

Hopes were high at the practice sessions held at Oudtshoorn and Mossel Bay and we managed to get at least three flights a day for each of the pilots. In addition some professional coaching was provided by Patrick Davidson and Mark Hensman while the Yak 52 boys had their own Russian –South African trainer Valentina Drokina. The team was looking in great shape and ready for the competition. All were looking forward to the serious stuff of the contest but sadly due to a 36 knot wind which persisted throughout the first scheduled day of the contest, no flying was possible. The weather looks good for day 2, so watch this space.

 DAY 2. 28 November 2014

 Not good more serious cloud today the base of which is below limits so another delayed start. The good news is the wind is flyable and set to improve.Forward to 11.00 and the bit of rain has stopped and flying to commence. Forward again and some great performances by the team. No wrong direction entries and no Zeros. Our banana boy Michel led for most of the day just being pipped into second at days end. Still 15 flights of the known to be flown on the morrow. Final flight by a YAk 52  got quite exciting when the right main refused to extend and emergency services were made ready. How evr all turned out well as the pilot managed to get all three down. The Czech team got a bit of  a fright when Stan wandered over to see why they removed the cowl after every second flight. Language barriers led the Czechs to believe the friendly interest was a CAA  official grounding their aircraft causing considerable consternation in their camp. Fortunately a bilingual chap was found and the true story explained much to their relief.

The forecast for tomorrow is good so hope to catch up on some of the back log.

 Day 3. 29 November 2014

 Just a quick update having had some strange computer problems. Now fixed (I Hope). Started great ended early with wind and cloud at about 16.00. but great performance form our Pilots with Michel still leading by about 4% with the free programme just beginning. We have 5 Pilots in the top 12, check the attached for the latest, and looking good with all flying well and still no zeros. The top team at this stage, however much more to be done. The unknown sequences were worked out today and will commence weather permitting after the completion of programme two. The forecast for tomorrow is not predicting continuous good weather, but so far the forecasts have not been very accurate so here’s hoping. More tomorrow as the comp. progresses.

 Day 4. 30 November 2014

 Hi Again from the worlds in the South. Woke to a perfect summers day no wind and cloudless sky enjoyed for whole day. As a result we were able to catch up and even get ahead a bit with programme 3 successfully completed.

 GREAT NEWS; our Pilots continue to perform and put up some great performances. Michel still occupies the lead position and we have 5 Pilots in the top 11 places. FANTASTIC !!!!! The final unknown will be flown tomorrow and Tuesday weather permitting and while we would like to hold on to the lead competition is hotting up.

 A lot still depends on the weather which could change part way through the day. Bad stuff could operate in our favour.
 Keep tuned. More updates tomorrow. 

Day 5. 1 December 2014

 Programme 3. Once again weather made life difficult with a very late start at about 12.45. Wind outside limits at 13.3 plus m/s caused further delays, but  most of the programme was completed with a few more flights  to be flown off in the morning when the weather should clear for long enough to get final numbers for programme number three. In order to try to get finished within the allotted time a meeting of all teams agreed to continue flying although the wind was marginally outside limits, while still safe. Unfortunately no firm results are available until the finish of the programme. So the suspense continues to tomorrow. The contest finishes tomorrow come what may so the next report will be decisive. More pictorial evidence will follow shortly, but the main goal continues to be winning the team and individual events.

 Day 6. 2 December 2014


 Howling wind and Rain and more Rain has resulted in the contest being called off as no flying will be possible in this weather. That’s the bad news THE GREAT NEWS is that team South Africa beat all opposition kicking them into touch and coming first. IT GETS BETTER OUR Durban boy Michel clinched first place with Neville getting the bronze in the overall results.This really is an outstanding result facing some strong foreign Pilots.

> Though we only had a small (2) in the Yak section we still got a place on the podium with Charles and Bertus getting third in the team prize. No mean achievement when you see the competition they were facing. This was truly a great effort by all involved and we can be extremely proud of the final chapter.

For the complete story go to www.civa-results.com
That’s it for now hope we can do the same at AWAC.