Two South African formation aerobatic teams competed in the inaugural World Formation Aerobatic Championships held in Zhengzhou, China from 27 April to 1 May 2017. Team Xtreme Airshows and The Raptors pitted their skills against some of the worlds more formidable aerobatic pilots making up the 10 other piston-engined formation teams featured at the competition. Despite all teams being judged, the final placings were not published as the status of the event was changed by the authorities, from that of a competition to an airshow.

John Gaillard, assisted by Quintin Hawthorne officiated as Chief Judge of the event.

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Team Xtreme Airshows : Jason Beamish,  Mark Hensman, Nigel Hopkins and Mark Sampson

The Raptors: Pierre Gouws, Ryan Beeton ,Dion Raath and Trevor Warner